Vital Touch Therapies

Sarah May, certified bodywork specialist


I allow for your body's natural intelligence to inform me of what it needs.

As a bodywork specialist, I carefully manipulate your muscles and connective tissue, restoring your alignment to its natural positioning. Regular sessions help your body's systems stay in balance, which can lead to lasting benefits.

Sarah May, certified bodywork specialist


Sarah May did her schooling at the acclaimed California Healing Arts College in West Los Angeles. She has also completed Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga North Soma International.

In her sessions, according to your particular needs, she can combine massage with somatic therapy, movement, yoga therapy and energy healing modalities from the Spiritual Unfoldment Network (S.U.N).

Along with being a therapist, Sarah is an educator specializing in the performing arts throughout the Twin Cities. She uses the freedom of the stage as a tool to reach youth. She enjoys music, writing, dance, singing, improvisation and comedy. The physicality she brings to the performing transfers to her practice in the healing arts.

Sarah May is as good as it gets. I have been to many masseuses and few of them were anywhere near as good as she is. With her impressive knowledge of anatomy, and the intuition of her fingers, she “reads” my body and often knows what to do without even being told. But she also pays close attention to what I want, where I feel the most pain or tension, and how much pressure works for me. She is great!
— Sara Evans, Client


I incorporate all or some of these techniques in every session.

Gentle circulatory massage – This balances and clears the systems of the body by moving blood and lymph fluid.

Deep tissue massage – This gets into areas of tension, stress, injury or compensation patterns by working deeply into the muscle and connective tissue to allow the structure of the body to fall into a more natural relationship with gravity.  

Oscillation – I use gentle rhythmic rocking in my sessions to allow the body to re-establish a neutral center that optimizes efficiency of movement.

Somatic therapy – Soma is a word that describes the interconnection of the body, mind and spirit. The idea that every cell is an intelligent breathing building block is foundational to my practice.

Yoga therapy – Use of somatic movement, nueromuscalar repatterning, and asana to help the body create more efficient ways to move. 

Energy medicine – I primarily use the methods of the S.U.N. Network, which allows intelligent energy to safely support your body physically, mentally, and/or emotionally. This can optimize the potential for health and balance throughout the session. I only use energy work when and to the extent that I feel the body to be needing or receptive.

What can I say about Sarah aside from how genuine, full of energy and sincerity she is that it is transferred through every touch. I have a serious injury that nearly paralyzed me, and left me with constant debilitating pain that even massage rarely helps. My sessions with Sarah have left me feeling relaxed and renewed, and I don’t go to anyone else. Her unique skill is not something that can be learned at a trade school, and her personality, energy, and technique are unparalleled. I recommend you experience Sarah for yourself.
— Christina R., Former manager, Pacific West Health Center

I look forward to working with you.